Rainbow Bridge Studios is the productive effort and effect of a divine dream for humanity.  It is the collective endeavor of artists, dreamers, visionaries and healers, as well as legions of loving Intelligence from “the Other Side”, who wish to place their talents in the service of empowering humanity and expanding our personal choices into the future of the 21st century and beyond.  We represent a passionate, human-friendly vision of a world based on a relationship with the Invisible Nature of Reality and we cultivate that relationship by offering means of exploring the imagination and other phenomena beyond what is considered “normal”, everyday perception.

The Rainbow Bridge is symbolic of the link between humankind, our divine origins, and the planetary Materium in which all of our individual destinies are worked out through the function of space/time.  In the Norse tradition, the Rainbow Bridge linked Earth to the 9 Realms of existence that are spawned from the great world tree, Yggdrasil.   In Native American Tradition, especially that of the Hopi, there is the prophecy of Rainbow Warriors returning to Earth for the purpose of guiding humankind into the Fifth World.

It is our intention to facilitate the arrival of these Warriors, and other Noble Spirits, into this world by assisting in efforts that are inspirational, practical, artful and useful.  In particular, this means that we will be publishing books, binaural beat audio products, and other artistic media in order to generate outrageous profits, which will then be channeled into creating new opportunities in the field of empowering education for our younger generations to flourish.  We also intend to have a great deal of fun doing so, and we look forward to sharing the fruits of these efforts with you!  In the great lore of the Irish, there is the tradition of finding gold at the end of rainbows.  We are confident that you’ll certainly find treasures much more valuable than gold here!


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Céad Míle Fáilte – a hundred thousand welcomes!